Queen of the North

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle, 

as you can see MV starts really slow into 2017.
It seems like all the snow and ice covers the wild flora of the jungle and ... well, in fact it is just that we are all very busy right now and slowly getting our things done after the Christmas and New Years vacations. Slowly. And its cold.

Roman is finalising the Workshop review of his recent Beginner's Class in Herne, Germany at the moment and you will see it ready in this week, but tomorrow he is diving into a private coaching already. So well, we keep things slow in here for the early 2017. Mainly because its cold and cold is the perfect matching describtion for the following bust.

You might have read the Unpacking of Nutsplanet's Queen of the North.
This model is also about a cold atmosphere and Roman finished painting her in the end of 2016.

Queen of the North
Nutsplanet 1/10

Roman aimed to paint her looking cold and sad as her story being told in the GoT books and series is a sad one. She even has small tears running down her cheeks. Really sad.

If you want to see more photos of her, please feel invited to follow the link to Putty&Paint. 
This bust is in private collection. Many thanks for your support in Roman's passion, art and work.

Keep on happy painting!

Miniature Art by Alfonso Giraldes "Banshee"

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle, 

this is truely something beautiful.
The describtion says it is a look into Alfonso's vision of miniature painting. We'd say this is more than this. It is a great example how you can transport our love and passion of the hobby of miniature painting to a broader audience. This can be shown even to Roman's mum and she understands it without being shocked by a samurai Ogre that chopped off a head of a unicorn.

Definatly worth a share. Enjoy!

Like we told you some days ago Massive Voodoo starts slow into the new year.
We got a lot of stuff in preparation, but right now only a limited time to prepare it for the blog.

Stay tuned for more, but also relax and be patient
and in the meantime most important:

Keep on happy painting!

Mu 91 - Artificer Terrain, Plinths

by Massive Voodoo

Hidiho Jungle Painters,

time for another fresh review on MV. 

This is review #91
- if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, 

Today Roman will take a closer look on material by the company "Artificer Terrain".

They can be reached via facebook.
They also have a website...but the best way to reach them is via e-mail: 
gert(at)artificer-terrain(dot)com or jurge(at)artificer-terrain(dot)com

 ... but now to the mysterious product:
It is a very uncommon plinth, 
something we did not see before, but really cool. 
More in the following review.

This is what Artificer Terrain says about its product:

"A simple soccle with lots of options. Perfect for displaying your figures or something else ...

This simple soccle originated from a personal need for a set of similar soccles.
It is fully customisable. Dimensions can be altered. The inscription/name can be made to your liking. We can frame it or remove the frame. We aim to provide a simple service for gamer, painters and hobbyists in general: Make what you need, affordable!"
The young company is located in the Netherlands and Belgium, two really friendly gentlemen and cool guys working with laser cuttings. They do offer personal inscribtions to the plinths, even difficult ones like mine here. Let's have a closer look on their product:

Artificer Terrain
Before we start you have to know that the company of Artificer Terrain is a really young company. They are just starting with their service and their products. Therefor my friend Gert delivered some examples of a really cool idea to me at the SMC. 

But first I was confused ...

Really confused. What is this?

Okay I do got lasercut pieces of very hard and sturdy MDF. One site is brown, the other white. We can see laser burns and I have four plates with text on it, that I asked to recieve for a future project of mine.

First let's bring everything in better order. Now I see. I got three "do-it-yourself-plinths" here. At least all pieces to build them.

I also recieved some testruns on the fonts that did not work out. Thank you!

Allright, now putting one together. One open square piece four sides, including one with the text and a topper. 

I did not know which glue to take, so I went for superglue, because superglue helps to solve all my problems in life. It worked wonders on the white surface and after some seconds the piece was almost build in full. Super precise, super easy.

Adding the topper and I am good. 
That was really easyeven for the superglue gorilla. It looks like this, it is not heavy as it is hollow on the inside.

I decided to put this plinth to a full test and started to build a base on top.

Not a small one.

It was really easy to smoothen the edges of the plastic card and the MDF with sandpaper. I now got a smooth transition there. Important: Wear your breathing mask.
And that's it.
A plinth to build yourself in seconds.
Now what is so special about this you might ask?

- Superfast and supereasy build due very precise laser work
- Options for different and personalized fonts and writings
- Not heavy, but still standing solid like a rock
- Hollow plinth body leaves many options for electricity or interesting base concepts
- Very easy to handle material. sanding, preparations, etc.  
- really sturdy, even it does not look like
- cheap

- You need glue and a little more time than by using a one piece plinth that you bought. 
- It does not have the same high end look, like a maximum polished plinth that you can buy for expensive money.

Well, this is really neat. Can't wait to work more with this fresh and innovating idea. 
Definatly worth a look!

Artifcer Terrain can be reached via facebook.
They also have a website...but the best way to reach them is via e-mail: 
gert(at)artificer-terrain(dot)com or jurge(at)artificer-terrain(dot)com
Keep on happy painting!

The Ghosts of Mordheim

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

the new year arrived and we hope everyone had a smooth switch into the new year.
May health and good fortune be the powers behind 2017 for everyone.

Speaking about powers: Massive Voodoo starts slowly into 2017 as Roman just returned from his vacation time and is soon leaving his hometown again to go to Graz to visit friends.The upcoming days will be a little more calm, nonetheless behind the curtains there are already articles in preparation. Roman is also working hard to see the review of MV's Jar's Beginners class find birth on the blog soon. Stay tuned for it!

Roman will tell you soon too about the plans for Massive Voodoo in 2017, but first we start slow.

Also Roman still needs to catch up with 2016 to show you many painted figures by him. This will happen over the next weeks. Here is one. A model Roman started some years ago as a silly conversion.

Conversion work, primed and a glimpse on the base from back then:

The miniature was standing around for quite a while, but often being touched by a colorful brush. That brush could not do any decisions in what he was doing so the work on this figure took its while to find its end.

"Ghosts of Mordheim"
Games Workshop, 28 mm, Conversion

In private collection. Thank you for your trust in Roman's work, art and passion.

Keep on happy painting!

MV wishes you a happy new year!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

your MV-Team hopes you enjoyed the Christmas days like we did. Silent nights.
Your jungle blog is still on vacation mode and before we forget we want to wish all of you a

Happy New year 2017. 

Look back to 2016 and think what was good about it, grief for what was sad and be happy for your moments of happiness. Every year is a mix of emotions, situations, moments, experiences. We wish that 2017 brings you what you wish for, a lot of painting time, but more important health, honest friendship and joy in your life. If you find things in you or in your life that you wish to change for the better, stop giving it a try. Just do it. When you just do it there are two options: either you fail or you do it. Both is something you can rely on, but trying is just something ... well, trying is not enough to change sometimes. A try will be a try. Be Jedi. Do or do not, but be aware what you do. Do it with all your senses.

There is one thing you can be sure about in 2017:
Massive Voodoo will be there for you in the new year, bringing you tons of articles, inspiration, ideas and finished miniatures.

The MV Team is proud to show you the results of
2016's MV year of the painter 2:

Thirty-five tutorial- and step by step articles were written for you this year and we were really happy for your feedback on these. Thanks for voting and painting with us. We can promise yo another thing: 2017 we can not do another year of the painter, but we got different plans with all of you :)

to everyone who took part in 2016's big MV contest, the MV's Mad Max Car Contest 2.
It was just so cool to see all your entries and we are already preparing a contest for 2017.
Stay tuned and energized for something truely inspirational!

We also want to thank everyone who celebrated
Massive Voodoo's birthday with us and sent in their workspace.

Thanks to all our partners in collaberations, thanks to everyone who did buy a painted miniature from one of the MV-Team, thanks for everyone who comissioned one of the MV Team, thanks to every student who did visit a painting or sculpting or private coaching class in 2016.

Thank you all for your continous support!

Thanks to everyone who supported Bene and Roman in MV's Zombie Community Project. 
Early in 2017 we will have the next big update for you. 

Seminar and Workshop plans for 2017 are already being made, grab your seat now!

Thanks to everyone who dropped a donation via the jungle donation button over the year 2016.

Thank you! 

What to expect from early 2017 here on MV:
First of all a little radio silence from Roman's side as he is recharging a little, updating blog areas, preparing future articles, catching up with his mails, organising things behind the curtain. The other MV monkeys are always around, let's see if they monkey around enough to write something.

Roman so far can tell you that you can expect really interesting interviews from his side, cool miniatures unpacked, some exquisite painting articles and of course the review on MV's Jar's Beginners class in Herne, Germany.  

Stay tuned! 


Let's check back with our recent Christmas post!
Thank you all for posting so many comments, it was a true joy to read them, thank you for your honesty and all the joy you brought by putting your comment there!

Now it is time for us to find the lucky winner of our Christmas gift.
Roman's 2016 working matte, packed with magnificant painting powers, inspiration, creative madness and personal gorilla chaos on it. Additional with it goes the original Christmas Gorilla drawing you can see above.

We used random.org to find our winner and our random lottery winner is ...



is ...


Congratulations, lucky you!
Please get in contact with your MV Team via mv(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com to recieve information about the delivery and please sent your adress with this mail. You can also do this in 2017 as no monkey will answer before the year will change.

So far, 
keep on happy painting!
Your MV-Team

MV wishes Merry Christmas!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

today all of your Massive Voodoo Team wants to wish all of our readers, friends, family and everyone who celebrates Christmas holidays
Merry merry Christmas!

We will not post any traditional christmas songs here,
just one cool one
and a second one.

More photos done by Roman: 

writing a little Christmas Kong Fu:

Enjoy the more silent days of the year with friends, family and loved ones.

Looking at the world nowadays this is what the world needs. More calm minds, freedom, love and peace. Easier said than done. The winter holidays, including the celebrations of Christmas is a long history and even I am not a religious person at all I learned that there is one rule/religion everyone should live by to have a better world: Spread happiness in your circle of people you can reach. They will spread happiness too and the small circles one day will be bigger. Do not spread anger, hate, greed or envy. It one day will all come back to you.

It is not only Christmas time you should live this. 
You can do this every single day in your life. Be nice to your neighbour, friends, family, community, homeless people, unknown people - take time to help others or even offer help in any case. Smile. Make someone else happy with maybe a small gesture. Be honest. To yourself. To others. Make decisions that do not hurt you or others, if need be speak clearly, directly and honest to make the one sitting with you understand your points of view. Grief honestly if need be. Make sure to know your weakness to be able to help others with the person you are. Think yourself in other persons shoes, before you judge them. Be more self-confident in spreading your good.

I rember reading the following tale/message/meaning 
by Mario somewhere over the year 2016 on facebook and it stunned me - it is out of a book, nobody really knows and we are even unsure if it is really about a samurai - I write it in my own interpretation, but I am pretty sure you get the meaning :

A samurai gets approached by his students...
They want to know more secrets of life from him and he offers them a lesson, he is asking:

"If someone gives you a gift and you do not accept it. Who does the gift belong too?"

The students got to think a little, because it can be unpolite to not accept a gift, but their answer is:
"If you do not accept the gift it will belong to the one who is delivering it. It is still his."

The Samurai answers:
"Right, and it is the same when someone approaches you with anger, hate, envy and all bad emotions. You can accept them and make them a part of you too or you do not accept them and they will stay with the person who delivers them."

Well, this really stunned me and helped me a lot to be a better person. Just wanted to tell this again here. Now not to be ultra pathetic in here we also want to give one of our readers a very special ...

Massive Voodoo Christmas gift

My workbench is usually covered with two cutting mattes.
One new and shiny and the other one a mess of creativity. It grew over the year 2016 and now it is time for a new one. This old one is full of memories of me, I used it to draw, paint, write notes, do teaching examples, dozen of moments of happy painting with happy accidents and did dirty work on it.

Some might think, that I am giving garbage as a present here, but do not get this wrong. For me this is something very personal and maybe someone will hang it to his wall or even use it himself. Maybe there are happy painting energies hidden in it and they will influance you. Who knows. To the right corner it will recieve a personal dedication to the person who will win it.

The person who wins this will also recieve the original drawing of MV's Christmas Gorilla, done by me:

How can you win this?
Write a comment below this post, whatever you like, about Christmas, about Gorilla's throwing around Christmas trees, Harambe, cats, miniatures, icecream or your most impressive moment in 2016. Whatever you like. You can only do a "hello" if you are shy. Only one comment per person.

We will make a raffle from everyone who commented until 28th of December and one lucky person will recieve this Christmas gift out of the jungle of Massive Voodoo. It will be a late Christmas gift as we will ship it in the new year. Shipping is on us of course.

Comment ;)

Merry Christmas to you all!
Your MV-Team

Base SBS: Blood Bowl

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle,

well, well, well ... it is Christmas time here in Germany and many other places on this world.
Again. This went fast.

The jungle of Massive Voodoo will be in vacation mode until the new year, but before we say officially goodbye we will have some cool content for you, just before Christmas.
Call these posts Christmas gifts ...

This will be a small sum up and final additions to this years MV's year of the painter 2.
If you want to keep track with an overview on what has happened so far in
MV's year of the painter 2 please check this link!

The one for today is Roman's article speaking about
"Step by Step - Blood Bowl Base".

Roman is now taking over the article.
We hope you enjoy.

Hello Blood Bowl fans, players and cheerleaders,

this article today will be precise and fast.
Just like a good Blood Bowl tackle :)

Some people asked me how I did build my base
for the recently painted Blood Bowl Skaven Thrower.
This one:

 What you need to build your base:

That grass matt is included in Busch's Small animal sets.
I never found good use for it. Always disliked it in all the boxes I opened up for via my Beginners Class. Now I found it reason to exit. It is perfect for Blood Bowl bases, but I am pretty sure, that if you can not get your hands on this you find something similar, in fact it is about the idea.

Cut a small piece that kind of fits your base.

Use plenty of superglue. Medium one. Thin one will run everywhere and you hate it. Thick one is just too thick.

Use a toothpick to push it around so all areas are covered, take care for the edges, don't push over, but still try to hit them or you will later on have the issue that I will have :D

Put both together, not with too much pressure in the beginning, or you will push out the glue to the sides of the base, but slowly more pressure and then turn it around and let it dry.

When dry, cut the edges rough and then precise.

Use water on your base. Make the base wet.

 Use some other green colors and drop some into the watery base.

Depending on the look for your Blood Bowl field you can now also add some browns and greens, washes in this case. My base is a wet mess right now.

Wait about 15 minutos and let most of the water on your base vaporize. Go back to the base when it is still wet, but not soaked. Use pure, thick white paint and draw your white line. It will not look like pure white as it will connect with the wet colors on your base. The reason why we waited for most of the water to dry: If we would not have waited the whites now would run everywhere.

I did not use proper superglue on the edges and I though about using a blade to cut off a part I did not like and ripped it off, because I was missing superglue here and everything was soaked up with water.

Everything happens for a reason and I took soil and placed it on some areas on the base. Of course mainly to hide the damage I did to the base. I used a brown wash on top of the dry earth and of course I glued it with superglue.

When everything was dry, absolutely dry. I used a brighter green color and drybrushed it over the grass parts of the base.

 I did this again with even brighter green.

I washed the white stripe with browns and greens, before I used pure white again to mark it out again, drybrushing. I created a splatter of blood and painted my base edge black.

Subject tackled :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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